120404 Jesus Was Never The Son of God

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Is ABSURD that the notions of Heaven in the Sky and Hell in the deep of the Earth….

Of course, after centuries of burning people for protesting these ideas, now the RCC claim that “those sites are not real physical sites”……

The RCC is simply like those fraudsters that twist their stories according to the circumstances…

Meanwhile, they continue buying writers, politicians, presidents, sodomizing boys and girls around the world , and receiving inheritances from people who want to bribe God.

You, that believe in the RCC teachings, are responsible too, because is the multitude of followers that gives the real power to that FALSE RELIGION.

2 seconds ago ( 8:12 PM)

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Is ABSURD that GOD make the body of Jesus resurrect, without many witnesses, only to discard a few days later the body, because “Jesus had to come back to God, in The Heavens”.

If the Jesus´ resurrection really happened, or his attributed miracles, then all the jews would have become Christians quite soon !

What would you do in presence of some so strong evidences ?


Of course, “Christian Saints” convoluted a lot the “Theory”.

Maybe the strongest proof that never happend any resurrection is that most of the jews are not Christians.

Maybe this is the real cause for the persecution of the Jews by the RCC, since the first centuries to almost our days (remember Adolf Hitler).

1 second ago ( 8:01 PM)

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Is ABSURD that GOD make Jesus resurrect, because Jesus never died !…. because is absurd that an eternal God could die, and Jesus was God, or a little piece of God…

Of course, “Christian Saints” convoluted a lot the “Theory”, to disguise the contradictions…. 1000 years ago… and to continue gaining riches and power.

0 second ago ( 7:57 PM)

Is ABSURD that GOD would “send” anybody to give a message to humanity…. if He wanted to, He would make every human hear the message… and everybody would hear exactly the same unambigous thing, no matter their language.

1 second ago ( 7:52 PM)

Is ABSURD that GOD would be motivated, in some way, to forgive some arcane “SIN” of humanity because His Son was sacrified…. like if He was some kind of barbarian God that enjoy “sacrifices” !

If any, He would be quite angry against humanity !

1 second ago ( 7:48 PM)

The idea that God was so convoluted that, instead of simply forgiving the humanity, He decided the indirect way of “sending His Son”, and only forgive, in practice, those that believe in some writings, is too much ABSURD !…. But it is very convenient to the Christian Churches.

1 second ago ( 7:41 PM)

Are you protestant Christian ?

Why do you believe in the New Testament, given that now we know that the Early Catholic Chruch wrote all the ancient Christian manuscripts and that “the NewTestament” is only some selection of those human inventions ?

2 seconds ago ( 7:23 PM)

I have to clarify that :

I don’t believe that exist any God creator of the Universe.

I believe that it could exist some gods related to the Earth.

I don´t believe in any religion in which their priests obtain some benefits or privileges.

I don´t believe that any good god has ever given some explicit worshipping code to humanity.

I believe that the only way to find facts about the “spiritual world” is throu reason, and taking into consideration almost only objective facts.

I believe that we must have either, a minimal religion, or no one at all.

I don´t believe that the gods need the humanity.

I don´t believe that gods want to interfere a lot with the humanity.

I don´t believe that the humanity can hurt any god.

I don´t believe that the gods, or the humanity, have any eternal existence.

I believe that the gods, as is the case with the humanity, evolved, according with the natural laws od the Universe.

I believe that we are just barely starting to find some of the Laws of the Universe


The following are consecuences of the previous points:

There are no Hell or Heaven.

There are not gods, “saints” , or entities, inside some statues waiting to help those that worship them.

There are not representants of the gods.

We all are very ignorant about “the spiritual world”.

1 second ago ( 6:57 PM)

Probably God “gave” two events, that together are “a signal” that the RCC is contrary to God”.

The following are easily verifiable facts:

1- In Mexico, in 2011-11-11, died an high functionary of the government, after the RCC BLESSED the “war of the President”.

2- In Mexico trembled, the strongest in 26 years, 3 days before the Pope´s visit (had to pass 14 days for the gov. to declare an “state of disaster”… of course.)

2 seconds ago ( 6:48 PM)

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In Science we follow “the most simple Model (Hypothesis)” that is capable of give a simple “explanation” by deduction, of the given facts.

Very frecuently, by the Most Simple Model we mean that Model that is the aggregation of the least demanding atomic hypothesis.

In the case of the RCC, we must explain:

1- The absolutly astonishing story of Jesus Christ.
2- Most of the Jews of the epoch never believed in Jesus, in spite that he showed to them “his powers”, according to the Legend.
3- The RCC has committed atrocities in the name of “The Faith” , at least since they became associated with the State.
4- The RCC helped Adolf Hitler gain the absolute power in Germany.
5- The RCC priests, have sodomized and abused a lot of children.
6- The RCC took revenge against boys that denunciated the sexual abuses, castrating them.
7- The RCC is using his power to content any punishemnt agains most f the pedophile priests, instead of punishing them.
8- The RCC has not refuted any important theological argument against it.
9- The RCC is astonishingly powerfull and rich, and has never paid taxes for more then 1600 years !

The most simple “Reasonable Model” is that RCC is a very succesfull fraud.

1 second ago ( 6:29 PM)

Observe that the Catholic Clergy give in practice the meaning “faith” to believe in them ! ….. directly, or indirectly, becfause they “wrote” the New Testament and all other “important Christian books”.

Clearly, they are deceivers that have been twisting the interpretations that they have given to their own sayings, for almost 2000 years.


1 second ago ( 6:22 PM)

Catholic and Christian in General : Don´t throw away those that criticize your beliefs, for we could be right, and in that case, according to your beliefs, you could end in Hell !

Don´t give more credit to the Catholic Bishops and other “Greats” then to GOD, direclty, …. who manifest himself in Nature and you and everybody , can, by Reason, understand a little bit about Him… or at least, YOU CAN became aware of those that are FALSE REPRESENTANTS OF GOD AND THAT DECEIVE the HUMANITY.

2 seconds ago ( 6:12 PM)

God has not chromosomes, then , Jesus IS NOT, and never was, THE SON OF GOD.

Knowing that the Christian clergy became very rich and powerful since the first decades of existence of this religion, and that in those years people believed very easily in demigods and other myths, the most rasonable conclusion is that ALL THE STORY OF JESUS CHRIST IS FALSE.

Knowing that reason could destroy the FRAUD, the clergy invented the concept of “BELIEFS BY FAITH”.

Read history if you don´t want to end in Hell, and discover that the Roman Catholic Church was never trustable. They burned all the Christian manuscripts that didn´t fit with their goals of profit and power.

Then, The New Testament is FALSE !.

2 seconds ago ( 6:05 PM)

If you are a Catholic seriously interested in GOD, then you should give importance to the beliefs that you have, for, if you believe in the WRONG RELIGION, then, according to your beliefs, you are going to be punished with HELL for the eternity.

Do you know well the History of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, etc. ?

Now, take into account that those that decieve tend to change their stories and tell that something was not clearly understood… and with the time the initial story end with a very confusing and convoluted “interpretation”.

Don´t discard these message at this point, for if you end in error you can end in Hell.

Well, the whole story of Jesus Christ depends on the fact that Mary was impregnated by God as the Holy Spirit and in this way Jesus was conceived. If this were false, your religion would be false and you, worshipping the wrong beliefs, would end in Hell. This is serious.

But the only meaning that we can give to the impregnation of Mary by God is that a new human being was conceived by the complemetation of an Mary´s egg receiving the complementary 26 chromosmes from God. But it is absurd that God has chromosomes. Therefore, Jesus WAS NOT THE SON OF GOD.


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