130220.1 It is Shown That 666 represents The Roman Catholic Church



The 666 is Linked to RCC by 3 Roman Catholic Popes
Consider first the Pope, Celestine V, who reigned the Church for a few months, resigned in 1294 and returned to an austere life as an hermit monk, but unsurprisingly, was later “saintly” persecuted by the same Church, who murdered him in 1296-05-19, and later, canonized him in 1313.

The second Pope is JP2, elected in 1978-10-16. He almost immediatly started his visits to Catholic countries by visiting Mexico and Dominicana in January of 1979. His visits was probably the most REMARKABLE touchs of his papacy because he visited 129 countries and GATHERED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE each time. Now we know that he too covered-up the pedophile avalanche that is making Pope Benedict resign, desition that he took after his trip to Mexico. Is clear the significance of the year 1979 because it links the Pope JP2 and the Pope B16’s resignation. By the way, B16 was born an 04-16 and was elected an 04-19.
Substract 1313 to 1979 and you get the infamous number 666. In this way we got an asociation of the number 666 to these times and 3 Popes.

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