130607.1 Clarification: We went from partially theists to fully atheists in 16 months


In order to understand our posts, we have to clarify that, time ago we were, in our group, 100% atheists, but then , in 2011/11/11 we opened to the possibility of the existence of some Gods, and we gave a probability of 30% to this option. Later, at the beginnings of 2013, we become again fully atheists, but with the conviction in telepathy and telekinesis caused by millions of human brains acting together. Of course, we know that these two characteristis are not scientifically accepted by the moment. When we temporarily believed in the possibility of Gods, we assumed that they never were able to violate any laws of the Universe. We never believed in a God creator of the Universe.

We believe that none of the fundamental laws of Physics of the Universe can be violated by any entity.

We believe that Science have always the ultimate word in everything.

But be very careful: Do not confuse Science with some declaration of a few scientists, as anyone can be purchased or obliged by the great powers.


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