131220.1 Jesus Was Never The Son Of God Because God Has No Chromosomes

In the Context of the Current Science, the Existence of Demigods is Absurd

Mexico, D.F., by the ddxinet group

Date of this revision: 2013.12.20

Date of the first version: 2012.04.04

The Biblical Main God, if He existed, wouldn’t do anything against His own laws, and then He would never pregnate a woman out of marriage. But to enter into this discussion would be to argument about imaginary beings, and so, we would never reach a clear conclusion. Rather, we should resort to Science.

Some man is the father of somebody only and only if both persons share exactly 23 chromosomes. Please, consult wikipedia if you don’t remember quite well your High School.

That is the only sense to the statement that they are father and son. This fact should be the basis for any concept of being “father and son” in some rational or acceptable sense. When we explore possibilities to give sense to the statement “Jesus was the Son of God”, we don’t find any solution.

For example, if “God” created some 23 chromosomes, then Jesus would have been “a creation”, and wouldn’t have been more “son of god” than any other human. So, it is false that “Jesus was the Son of God”.

Yea, the matter happened to be disappointingly brief, clear and easy. Sorry.

But take into account that we now have genetics, knowledge of genetics, chromosomes, dna and molecular biology. Our ancestors should not be accountable for have believed in fairy tales before the rising of Science. But we have the responsability to be rational.

Therefore, the writings that say that Jesus was Son of God are false, then the collection of books known as “The New Testament” is false.

Summarizing, we have two conclusions:

  • Jesus was not “The Son of God”
  • The “New Testament” is false.

In view of this discovery, we, common people of the western world, are ethically responsible for the finding of a rational explanation to the arising of the scam of Christianity. In the rest of this writings we will intend to explain to the reader how such a profound and succesful scam could have happened for such much time, and what institution is the one responsible.


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