131220.2 Any God Only Exists in the Mind of Humanity

On the Possibility of Telepathic Subconscious Networks of Human Brains with Telekinetic Powers

Mexico, D.F., by the ddxinet group

Publication date of first version: Mon, 04 Mar 2013 21:02:41 +0000
Last edited: 2013.12.20

The Hypothesis of the Existence of Telepathic Subconscious Networks of Human Brains with Telekinetic Powers

We postulate

  • Hyphothesis People is capable of tiny subconscious telephatic interactions of feelings, emotions, sensations and in smaller measure, of ideas.
  • Hyphothesis People is capable of tiny subconscious telekinetic interactions with ordinary matter.
  • Hyphothesis These teleinteractions are mediated by an physical field, unidentified to this date, that obey the principles of Physics.
  • Hyphothesis The intensity of the these tele-interactions intensifies when peoplle experiences more intense emotions.
  • Hyphothesis The fields that mediate these tele-interactions obeys the superposition principle.

It follows that people can form a kind of subconscious telepathic network, similar to the network of nodes of the internet. With only 5% of humans being connected, and each of them being connected to a small number of persons, there could be a network that could function at all times.

In this way, some number of persons with similar beliefs, or that have been exposed to certain common cultural myths or ~beliefs, can form a concrete, open and always changing subconscious network.

This model of networks can explain why some people when are interacting “feels” some kind of sympathy, that they can’t explain, towards other people who they just have met. In our model this is explained by the fact that sometimes a telepathic subconscious interaction happens by which two people recognize deep similarilities between them.

For each kind of “belief system”, or religion, or mythology, that has become popular in some geographic vicinity, there could arise a specific human subconscious network, of the type that we are proposing.

In this way, each set of “supernatural beings”, invented or that came into being by cultural random evolution, would have its own human network. One person could belong, without knowing it, to several networks.

And other persons, which live in the geographic or cultural vecinity, could have thoughts ~telepathically induced by some of the established ~networks. In this way, some networks could ~promote, facilitate or induce, extraordinary, but natural, personal experiences in sensible people.

This could explain the rare events at which some person who used to be pacific, suddenly acts as if he was “possesed” by some “strange evil thoughts”, and start doing some atrocities, like multiple murders of innocent people.

The proposed networks could strengthen themselves by the induction of its most distinctive and emotional characteristics through telepathy and teleinduction.

With our model it is easy to explain why “the gods” allow that terrible things happen. Some of the explanations could be:

  • Different networks of beliefs enter in conflict, and they counter balance each other, resulting in zero net force over the events in the real world.
  • The degree of “intelligence of the gods” is limited by the degree of sophistication of the humans that form the network of people that believe in them, and therefore, what it could happen is that the people don’t understand clearly enough some situation, and in this ways some evil behaviour seems to be tolerated by the said god.

It is important to remark that, as a concecuence of our model, “the gods” are limited by the psychological limitations of the human network that believe in them.

In other words:

  • No God can be almighty, allknowing or omnipresent.
  • Gods are a reflection of the people that believe in them.
  • Gods “powers” are very limited. Only in rare circumstances, when millions of people are stressed, serious “miracles” (but never violating the laws of Physics) happens.
  • Each person “is the equivalent of a neuron” for zero or more gods. Each God have several “neurons”, each functioning subconsciously in the brain of some person, in a similar way that computer scientists have a copy of some program or “code” running in several millions of computers in a coordinated way to achieve some “parallel computation”. In the case of the subconscious networks of human brains, the communication is by some telepathic way. A person gives more “running time” to a god if he/she believes, has fear or has more interest in that god.

We postulate, additionally, that different persons have different degree in regards to

  • telepathic capacity to subconsciously send or receive emotions, feelings, images or messages to or from others,
  • telepathic capacity to induce emotions or induce submission or other feelings in others,
  • capacity to sense which persons are receiving your telepathic induction of thoughts,
  • capacity to influence in the inanimate Physical world by telekinesis.

Of course, we know that these statements are not part of the Scientific current knowledge. We are in this article out of the current Science. We are optimistic that in not too much time Science will start to study these tele-interactions.

Given that some of the connected people have small telekinetic powers, and the telekinet force obey supperposition as is the case with the force as understood in Physics, then a population of dozens of millions of people could trigger natural but unusual phenomena.

Evidences That Support Our Model

Our model or hypothesis is supported by

  • A whole country can easily jump to a war mode when the leaders and press start to press in that direction, or how almost a whole population of a region can find acceptable, as happened in the past, human sacrifices, or why, normally good people, could accept the elimination of certain “enemies of some religion”.

  • In the catholic population, there exists a sizable fraction of persons who claim to have had dreams in which an specific goddess, that is, some specific Virgin (generally the Virgin of devotion in heir country) appears and tell them some important and true personal or familiar message, while, by example, in the HIndu population what appears is not a Catholic godess, but a godess of their region.

  • The earthquake in Mexico 2012.03.20, the greater in more then 26 years, just 2 days before the visit of Pope B16 to that country

  • The attack of a seagull against a pigeon released by the Pope B16 in feb 2013, in the middle of outrage of large part of the humanity by the abuses of the Catholic clergy.

  • The nearly simultaneous ocurrences of

    • Generalized indignation in the western world against the Roman Catholicism.
    • The Pope B16 resignation
    • The approximation of the asteroid “2012 DA14”
    • The meteor of Chelyabinsk of 10,000 tons and 40,000 miles per hour, which just by a tiny casuallity caused no major damage, and whose geodesically prolonged path passed trough Rome
    • The bolides that were seen in Cuba and San Francisco.

    • The earthquake in Rome on 2013.02.16.

  • The earthquake in Rome and the 2013.03.03 in Castell Gandolfo, near the election of the Pope Francis.

  • Some events of healings, premonitions, notices, “visions” that some “Gods” give to some small fraction of ordinary people of all religions around the Earth.

  • Some natural or unfortunate apparently accidental events that are coincidental with a state of religious, ethical or political stress of a great portion of some mass of people.

  • Charles Manson, who sensed who person could follow him as a prophet, and he gave them hard commands, and he was completely obeyed by his flock.
  • Jesus, if the leyend is true, simply ordered his Apostles and they obeyed.
  • Numerous “False Christian Prophets” of the XX century, that were immediatly regarded by their followers as “direct speakers of God”, and who make their flock accept their own suicides.
  • Moses, Mahoma, Budda, Confucius, etc., had strong influence on their followers and were considered something as “speakers of God(s) or speakers of The TRUTH”.
  • Reports of dreams, hallucinations, healings and “spiritual experiences” made by maybe 1% of the population per year, which are in accord with the beliefs of the religious group that is interacting with those persons.

  • Rare apparent “interventionns of the Gods” in historic events only to be followed by centuries of neglect by the very same gods.

Main Remarks

Our model is a better candidate to explain the unusual recent events then the known religions.

The easy way that our model covers previously uncovered data is a strong argument in favor of the existence of subconscious telepathic and telekinetic subnetworks of people.

Our model don’t need an independent proof of the existence of “human mind powers”, but instead, our model is an argument that strongly support their existence.

Our model lack the objections associated with the belief in a God that has not been seen or heard in public at least in the last dozens of centuries, and has not the objections discovered in regards with all the known religions and cults.

When millions of people are disgusted and outraged, they can trigger strange phenomena in the real physical world.

Unfortunately, we know that our opinion will not satisfy most of our highly esteemed ATHEISTS. But let us clarify that we are a kind of atheists because we think that the gods are just virtual processes in the collective Minds of humanity.

Additional Notes and Remarks

We can not postulate this model, or any model, as the most convenient from now on, but rather only as the best for the moment, given our present knowledge of the Universe.

In studying Nature, we can only jump from model to model, in a never ending process.

We do not believe in the soul or spirit, because

  • We have not known of evidences of its existence.

  • We don’t believe that a sutil substance that almost don’t have weight, and that almost don’t interact with ordinary matter, has the properties needes to sustain a mind in a small volume.

  • Given the tendency of some people to deceive others to gain power, the most simple assumption is to believe that this concept is another invention intended to the effective and economical control of humanity.

Terefore , we believe that

  • There is not a God made of spirit.

  • There is not life after death of the physical body, that is, we believe that after physical death, the human mind disappears.

  • There are not “other dimensions” observable in the macroscopic world, as is understood in Physics.

  • It was not the Gods who created man, nor the men who created the Gods, but rather it was the natural evolution that created both

    In other words, Darwinian evolution created the genus Homo and the genes that induces the tendecy of some humans to believe in the supernatural, and therefore, in primitive or convoluted religions.

  • At any planet, no gods existed before the existence of intelligent animal species there, therefore we don’t believe that some God, or Gods, created the Universe.

  • The gods and other “supernatural beings” are mortals. In other words, the Gods are born, or they die, as soon as some people start, or stop, to believe in them.

  • The Biblical Gods, Babylonical Godesses, Catholic Virgins, Catholic Christs, eastern tradition angels, demons, gnomes, globbins, elephant-human gods, saints, demons, Spiderman, Batman, Santa Clauses, etc., are entities with different virtual, but effective, existence … within the collective subconscious of some groups of people that believe in them, as long as they still believe.

  • Gods, and superstitions, can get “ALIVE” until certain point, and act upon the Physical World, and, much more frequently, upon a group of humans.


  • We continue to believe that no person should belong to any organized religion, and no one should give wealth or do anything that makes any religious organization more powerful.

  • We continue to believe that would be better for everyone to believe only in what they understand rationally, than to believe in things by “faith” and be seduced to a state of mental slavery.

  • We continue to believe that the best thing for families, if you are obsessed with doing something of “spiritual type” on Sunday, would be to devote some time to study and discuss college textbooks of science, history, literature, or perhaps just practice some social coexistence with affine people.

  • On regard to prophecies, we believe that it is not possible to know the future by using some supernatural power, but we believe that, by analyzing the history, we can construct several simple sentences, about some undefined time in the future, and with the passage of time some fraction of those sentences will fit some events just by casuality.


The Gods exist, but only in the Mind of Humanity, but they are powerful entities that now and then exert physical influences and that though, can die as soon as their supporting people quit their beliefs.

A new era of humanism will resurrect only over the tombs of all the Gods. The intelectual Battle is going on. These are interesting times, indeed. Be in peace.


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