131220.3 Brief and Clear Proof that God Doesn’t Exist and that Even if He Existed, No Entity Could Know Anything About Him

If an infinite in everything God existed , He would be infinitely far from humans in all aspects, or from any natural or paranatural being, and therefore, He would be practically nonexistent

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We will present you with a series of theorems and its demonstrations.

First, we will present the most important thesis, which happens to be the one that uses the most familiar and known of logical procedures, and after that we will present some more sophisticated but, fortunately, less important thesis and his demonstrations.

Let us begin with the most easy to understand theorem.

Theorem 1357.1

If The Supreme God Exists Then No Entity Inferior to Him Can Know, With Certainity, About Any of His Will and Characteristics.

The Brief Demonstration

No intelligent being X that is not the Maximum God can KNOW anything about such God because always CAN exist more intelligent and powerful beings than X, between X and the Maximum God in power and intelligence, that CAN deceive X about the Maximum God.

— We have thus demonstrated the theorem.

Didactic form of this demonstration

  • No intelligent being X that is not the Maximum God
  • can KNOW anything about such God
  • because always CAN exist more intelligent and powerful beings than X
  • between X and the Maximum God in power and intelligence
  • that CAN deceive X about the mentioned God.

The Long Demonstration

We can not KNOW anything about any given God, because if that God exists, then could exist species between us and Him, more intelligent and powerful than us, and so some member of that species CAN say that he is that given God and deceive us.

The existence of this possibility INVALIDATES the possibility that any given species of the Universe can KNOW anything about God.

Analogously, no given human or member of any intelligent species can KNOW anything about pure energies, spiritual transformations or enlightenments.

— We have thus demonstrated the thesis.

The Extremely Long Demonstration

Humanity, or any intelligent species in the Universe, is finite and limited in its intelligence.

Let us assume that the God creator of the Universe exists.

Neccesarily that God should be very much more intelligent then any species in the Universe.

Then, given any intelligent species in the universe, there exist the possibility that exist some other more intelligent species, of natural beings or sobrenatural ones.

Then, given any individual or group of individuals that enter in contact in some way with some entity that says that it is God CAN BE deceived by some superior in intelligence and power entity that it is not God.

Therefore that individual or group of individual have no way to know if its true that any autodeclared God is relly God or not.

Then no any given intelligent species in the Universe have a way to know if they know something about God, or they are being deceived.

— We have thus demonstrated the thesis.


  • To know some assertion implies not having any (serious”) uncertainity about it.
  • We have in this ways proved that nobody, except God, can KNOW anything about Him.
  • The important is Not the Proof that God Doesn’t Exist, but that No Entity Can Know Any of His Will and Characteristics.

We can advance an obvious generalization of the past thesis:

Theorem 1357.2

If the maximum God exists, then no entity could have any CERTAIN knowledge about the Universe, except the most elementary about himself.


It is essentially the same demonstration that the past thesis.

The hipothesis assure as that, given any groupf of entities X, then it can exist a superior group of entities S, inferior than the Maximum God but superior to X, that can deceive X about any experiment related to the real world that X perform in such a way as to make X infere false laws of the Universe.

— We have thus demonstrated the thesis.


  • Corollary 1357.4 … In order to evade that we can not achieve and verify a set of rational concept and image of the Universe, we must conclude that the Maximum God does not exist.


  • If a powerful light with voice as thunder appears to you and it says that is a god, the only god, and that it created the Universe, Would you believe “him” ?… Assume that you are at the top of a mountain in the middle of a desert.

What have we done ? … We have demonstrated, by reduction to the absurd, in a way that, we have to admit, is easier to understand to the rational persons, that the Gods do not exist .

Of course, in this context, the existence of God means that He exists not only as a thought or “computanional process” of some machines or organic minds, but exists independent of the existance of any organic or material species in the Universe, and with some mind and some body of some substance, independently “floating” somewhere in the Universe or in some Super-Universe that in some way includes our Observable or Inferable Universe. If some God would cease to exist if some “material” species cease to exist, then that God is not a Real God. We should call it a “Virtual God“.

The essence of the idea is that the concept of a “God creator of the Universe“, or with some other “super characteristics”, as those especulated by some people around 700 years BCE, are of such exaggeration and magnitude, that we got to serious absurdities, clear at least to the persons that believe in the possibility of a rational knowledge and understanding of the Universe, who are part of those who “believe in Science”.

Of course, some intelligent people around 2700 years ago discovered that the Gods proposed till those times were absurd, and would come to be discovered to be absurd even to the ordinary ignorant persons with the centuries, and so they invented some concepts that we could describe as “Super (Stone Age) Gods“, in order to continue having the “religious force” to help them control the rest of humanity.

Remember: Religion lowers the cost per person to control the masses.

By “Stone Age God” we mean God who is a kind of clan chief with super powers.

Now, let us study a harder to understand, but happily, less important thesis.

Theorem 1357.3

The Gods do not Exist in the Real World.


Rationally, the only things that we can accept as valid are:

  • The evidences of the real physical world,
  • The propositions or statements, which we will call “rational propositions”, that we define as those statements demonstrated using only some evidences and some previous “rational propositions”, and
  • The “Principles and Models Guide”, which are unprovable as true elements, but have been useful to discover new evidence or new “rational propositions”, in a way similar to the “princple of te conservation of energy-momentum” of Physics.

Of course, the only statements that we can accept as TRUE, when we chose the rational view of the Universe, are such rationally valid statements.

As any hypothesis of the existence of any God, of the Gods proposed until this times,

  • is neither an evidence,
  • nor it is demonstrable from evidences,
  • nor have been proved to be useful guides to get rational knowledge,

then, rationally speaking, we have to reject the validity of all those hypothesis. This, in other words, means that no God, of those proposed until this day, exist.

— We have thus demonstrated the theorem.


  • It is obvious that the only rational building of kowledge is Science.
  • One of the explanations for the existence of the current popular concepts of God is trivial to find, and it is that all of these concepts of God have appeared as a result of conspiracies of the class of people capable of lying and using everything to get power and privileges over the rest of humanity.
  • In fact it is very easy to admit that similar lies existed before our hominid ancestors evolved into the current homo sapiens sapiens, because in this way we can explain the current genetic tendency of some fraction of humanity to be the flock of some religion.
  • The truth often goes unnoticed because of its simplicity.
  • The logical rules used to demostrate this thesis are a little bit uncommon, but they are very frequently used, implicitly, by the scientist and their students.

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Comments Posted in Some Online Newspapers in 2013

130605.1 Did Moses verified what he was told by the light and thunder that spoke to him?

Published on: Jun 5, 2013 @ 18:47 UTC

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  • 1 second ago ( 2:33 PM)

    A human could never verify if some God is telling the TRUTH.

    If a God exists, and exists “powerful spiritual beings”, like Satan or Angels, it could have happen that the Bible was inspired or dictated by Satan… its ridiculous, but, if you believe ridiculous things, you should considerer this possibility.

    I think that the only rational posture, in front of the Magic or the Existence of Gods, it is to conclude that God doesn t exist, and Magic doesn t exist.

    Did Moses verified what he was told by the light and thunder that spoke to him?

  • The proof that some God told the TRUTH it is not that He is very brilliant, or very large, or very loud, or very nothing.

    Note: We don t believe that any god exists, except in the mind of humanity, and as concepts that are changing every century.

  • 1 second ago ( 3:45 PM)

    This comment is pending approval and won t be displayed until it is approved.

    If there existed the gods, every one of them would be enormously superior to any human, so, every god would be able to deceive any human in anything.

    Then, humanity would be wrong to believe a god that said that He created the Universe, or the Earth, or something.

    The no God would be trustable.

    Then, no “sacred book” or “sacred message” would be trustable.

    Therefore, no religion would have sense.

    Note: Obviously, every God could deceive any Buddha into perceiving “enlightening ” and whatever that God wanted that Buddha to preceive.

    Similarily, if the Gods existed, then they could make any intelligent species obtain whatever experimental scientific results that some God wanted, making that species reach a deceived image of the Universe, and very probale, this capacities of the Gods would make impossible to have a “true” induction of the Laws of the Universe, therefore averything would be chaotic and we could not have had Science.

    As the Universe is ordered enough, then the Gods don t exist.

  • 1 second ago ( 3:58 PM)

    This comment is pending approval and won t be displayed until it is approved.

    If they existed, any God would be fully capable to deceive any human in everything.

    Would be fool to believe in any “revealed message”.

    The Universe would be chaotic, because the Gods would cause too much interference by frequently violating The Laws of the Universe !

    The only reasonable possibility is that The Gods can not exist.

  • ( 5:46 PM)

    This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.

    The Gods dosn t exist, except in the mind of humanity.

    Let s think. If gods existed, they would be very powerful, very much more than any human. They could create every illusion that they wanted, into the mind of any human.

    Therefore, every god would be able to deceive any prophet or any common or priviliged human, no matter the moral or intellectual level of that person.

    They could appear as “angels of light” only for the purpose to deceive people into certain LIE !

    Therefore, no human being could trust in any god, even if they existed.

    But be in peace, we are alone, there are no Gods.

  • ( 6:02 PM)

    The Gods dosen’t exist, except in the mind of humanity.

    Let us think. If gods existed, they would be very powerful, very much more than any human. They could violate any laws of the Universe. They could make appear a false reality about the Universe to human scientists. They could easily appear that the Universe obey no rational laws. Then, we would have never achieved the present state of knowledge that we claim is Science.

    Then, as Science exists and is very succesful, we must conclude that there are not Gods in the universe… except in the imagination of the intelligent species… and only before these species are sufficiently developed.

    Our Science is only like 400 years old. In some time in the near future, our Science is going to demonstrate that all the unexplained phenomena are natural, that is, there are not “supernatural phenomena” but only laws of the universe that never are violated.

  • ( 6:05 PM)

    The concept of spiritual reality is one that belongs to the STONE AGE.

    Organized Religion has been very clever to use the weakness of some persons for their exploitation.


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