131223.1 Probably The New Testament Was Cryptically Signed as Forged

Mexico DF, 2013-12-23 by the ddxinet group.

The scholar Joseph Atwill found a striking coincidence between the Story of Jesus, as is narrated in the New Testament, and an History book by Josephus the Roman.

He says that this coincidence very strongly supports the statement that the Story of Jesus was fabricated, and that this coincidence was their way to prove it for future generations, forming a cryptic signature.

The signing in this way of important works is in use still up to this date.

Atwill says that that Story was fabricated by some aristocrats. We, the ddxinet group , are in slight disagreement in this matter with him.

Our proposition is based on these evidences:

* The Roman Religion was in ruins in the first century A.C.

* The specialists in the mental manipulation by using the tendency of humanity towards the superstition about the supernatural, were the highest priests of the Roman Religion.

Therefore, we propose that the fabricators of the Story were the highest roman priesthood in coordination with some high elements of the aristocracy.

Right now something similar is happening .

We believe that some very powerful people in coordination with some Roman Catholics are designing some new religions, probably one of them will be related to the “extarterrestrials”.

We hope that they fail this time. We hope people will become rational atheists and areligionists.



W.H. Durant, The Story of Civilization.

google: The Story of Jesus was fabricated






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