140129.1 Analysis of The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons

Analysis of The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons

by the ddxinet group, 14.01.28, Mexico DF

Last edited: 2014.02.05 13:58


This article is a response to the news notes:

Our Main Points

  • The pysychological experiences of people are not hard evidences, and we need hard evidences, or hard reasonable arguments, to believe in hard claims. That is why in Science they use intruments and physical recording equipment.
  • Even with hard evidences of “levitation” or similar events, we should reach to conclusions that are compatible with all we know. And between the things we know there is that the Catholic Roman Church has abused of his power over humanity by millenia. So, the most reasonable conclusion, even if there were hard evidences of weird physical phenomena, would be that there exist telekinetic and telepathic powers in stressed people, not that there are demons that follow the procedures of the priests of a questionable Giga Church.
  • If demons existed, it would be extremely doubtful that they would obey the orders of priests that belong to the RCC organization which has protected thousands of pedophiles priests per year. Unless that this were events of theatrically performed obedience with the intention to reinforce the existence of the Church.
  • According to the Catholic mythology, demons exist and try to destroy humanity. Then, if they existed, they would have already destroyed humanity by the possession of those that have the political or physical control of the nuclear weapons. As this has not happened, demons don’t exist in the real physical world. Of course, we can generalize this argument and by the possession of important people they would have destroyed humanity or its progress.
  • If demons existed and they were unable to grasp the really damaging ways to destroy humanity, they would attack randomly to people of all social classes, and therefore, we would have films and convincing evidences of its existence since the beginning of the 20th century, and their existence would be part of the collective hard knowledge of humanity, as it is, by exemple, the existence of ligthing or of earthquakes.
  • Something that we know, by evidences that everyone can find by internet or by asking mexicans and spaniards, is that The RCC concealed by almost 500 years to the mexicans that there existed an earlier “Virgen de Guadalupe” in Spain, and that this was the one worshiped by the conqueror of Mexico, Hernan Cortez. Therefore, we know that The RCC is very capable of deception. Then, we must be extremeley suspicious of anything related to such Church, which is the case of this claimed event.
  • If demons existed they would have attacked kings, presidents, generals, bankers, and similar persons about whom History is written, and therefore, humanity would have strong historic references to events of demonic possessions. It is too suspicious that demons are claimed to attack only people that lack privileges or rich status in society.

Relevant Questions

  • Which very well organized religion, that is in crisis right now, gains the most by restoring beliefs in demons and miracles?

  • Is it not TRUE that having lost around 800 millions of followers the Roman Catholic Church is losing trillions of dollars each year?
  • Is it not TRUE that the Roman Catholic Church has enough economical and political power as to buy or subdue almost any common person on earth?
  • In 2013 the Roman Catholic Church intended to deceive people into believing in the appearance of an “Angel (Catholic) Priest” in Missoury (google: angel priest missouri.) So, The RCC is trying to resurrect superstitions in mankind, isn’t it?

Our Comments to the indystar.com article “The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons”

The indystar article says: … A 9-year-old boy walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse

Our comment: … To believe that there were demons around there, we would have to believe that the case managaer and the nurse were telling the truth about their psychological experiences AND they weren’t hallucinating or in some kind of altered mind state. The human mind can be influenced by many causes.

Our comment: … In this assertion, for being at first sight the violation of a Physical law, we must demand videos and photos that clearly prove the claims.

The indystar article says: … Austin said simply, “I am a believer.”

Our comment: … Most people feel compeled to believe in a story when they hear or read the phrase “I believe” atributed to some “witness”. This property of the human mind has been used since antiquity to deceive people into religion, or into political deceptions. It is not casual that this phrase appears at the begining of the article.

The indystar article says: … one of the most unusual cases ever handled by the Department of Child Services

Our comment: … This trick consist in the mention of some Government Agency to impress the reader. I would be impressed if some recognized skeptical society were supporting the amazing claims. But in this hypotetical case, I would investigate if the “converted skeptical” was not converted by money or threats.

The indystar article says: … In his medical notes about the visit, Onyeukwu wrote “delusions of ghost in home” and “hallucinations.” He also wrote “history of ghost at home” and “delusional.”

Our comment: … This is against the trust in the mother and grandmother.

The indystar article says: … Ammons said hospital personnel laughed at her desire to anoint her sons in olive oil.

Our comment: … This proves that the happenings were not CLEARLY “supernatural”, because the police officers surely explained the events at the hospital personnel.

The indystar article says: … Meanwhile, someone called DCS and asked the agency to investigate Ammons for possible child abuse or neglect. The caller, who is not named in the DCS report, speculated that Ammons might have a mental illness. The person believed the children were performing for Ammons, and she was encouraging their behavior.

Our comment: … This indicates that nothing clearly supernatural happened to the children when they were at the hospital.

The indystar article says: … The boy locked his hands around his older brother’s throat and refused to let go until adults pried his hands open.

Our comment: … If demons were really posesing the child, this child would have killed his brother! Then, the child was NOT Posesed by demons in this event. He was clearly posing as possessed in this event. Most probably he was posing in all the other events, as well.

The indystar article says: … Washington did not respond to The Star’s requests for comment.

Our comment: … Washington can, as everybody, experience an altered state of the mind, probably by the influence of dramatic human interactions with previusly altered people.

The indystar article says: … The power light flashed to indicate the batteries were dying, even though the officer had placed fresh batteries in the recorder earlier that day.

Our comment: … If this is true, one alternative explanation from that of demons, is that people have telekinetic powers that happens rarely in some situations of stress.

The indystar article says: … Ammons told Washington there were times she could not send the kids to school because “the spirits would make them sick, or they would be up all night without sleep.”

Our comment: … This is evidence that the kids were mentally stressed since months before the “demonic events”. Stressed people can cause telekinetic and telephatic events. Rarely, but it happens.

The indystar article says: … “This appears to be an unfortunate and sad case of a child who has been induced into a delusional system perpetuated by his mother and potentially reinforced” by other relatives, she wrote in her psychological evaluation.

Our comment: … This seems sound to me, but it didn’t appear in the nydailynews.com note.

The indystar article says: … DCS set goals for the family. One of them stipulated that the children “not discuss demons and being possessed and … take responsibility for their actions.” They also needed to participate in therapy to address past behavior.

Our comment: … This seems to be the real DCS position in this case, not that of endorsement of the existence of “demonical” phenomena.

The indystar article says: … Maginot told police he wanted to check the dirt under the stairs for a pentagram or personal objects that might have been cursed. He said a pentagram might indicate a demonic presence and possible portal to hell, according to a Lake County police report.

Our comment: … This is clear manipulation by the Roman Catholic priest.

The indystar article says: … Maginot told police the liquid was a manifestation of a paranormal or demonic presence.

Our comment: … The RCC knows a lot of chemical tricks. By example, it is very well known that they know the formula for a sustance that looks like blood and that liquifies from now and then.

The indystar article says: … Maginot said he needed other priests to give him the ritual for a minor exorcism, which does not require church approval. The priests he consulted told him to look it up on the Internet.

… And … The indystar article says: … After the minor ritual, Maginot told Ammons to look up the names of demons that were tormenting her. Each demon has a name and personality, Maginot said.

Our comment: … Well, then it is sure that the RCC has planted sites in the internet with “names of demons” and other superstitions.

The indystar article says: … The ritual is the same as the minor exorcism but more powerful because it has the backing of the Catholic Church, Maginot said.

Our comment: … More propaganda praising the RCC.

The indystar article says: … He said there were no problems in the home before or after Ammons and her family lived there.

Our comment: … Then if it really was something, that something was only linked to Ammons and family. Maybe that something is the proclivity to subconciously accept suggestions implanted by priests, or by “spiritual” sources.


  • It is obvious that the persistence of The Roman Catholic Church rest more on the myths of its demons than on the myths of its Gods.
  • For the RCC is much easier to deceive into the belief in invisible demons than to deceive into an invocation, and its consequent visual show, of some of its fabricated Gods.


If exist demons that give a n-fold force to the body of a person , and if the intention of the demons were to cause damage to that person, then no person would keep alive for more than a few seconds, because the demons could, by example, just crack the neck of the “possessed” with the possessed own hands. Then, as this usually not happen, if demons exist, their MAIN goal would be, not to cause damage to a person, but to cause fear in some part of the human population . And this would have sense only if the demons were in agreement with the priests to send back flock to their Church.

In this way the demons would be functioning as shepherd dogs: They would be helping to mantain the control over the flock.

— Of course, we think that the demons, or any other Gods, don´t have “real existence”, where for this we mean an existence similar to that of humans: autonomous, with a well defined 3d-form and not as a distributed process in a set of computers of some kind. They, if any, only could have existence in the mind of some physical, biological or not, species of the universe. —


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