140220 Geometry, The 666 and The Pope

Some Geo Papal Calculus

By the ddxinet group, 2014.02.20

Thesis: We show that the polar geographical coordinate of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo miss 0.666 by two times 666 meters.

If you walk 2 * 666 meters north from The Papal Summer Palace and take the trigonometric function sine (“sin” on lot of programming languages and on the calculator) to the latitude of that point, you will get the number 0.666.

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The oldest copies of the Book of Revelations are from the 3rd century, and the historians claim the book to be from the 1st, so, we believe that this book was heavily modified to satisfy The Formidable Christian Church of the epoch. This is why we believe that the present form of the Apocalypse is almost impossible to decode, and that only a few parts of it will come to be clearly associated with real events, persons or institutions.

Of course, we believe that the message of the book had only human origin.

Now, let us go to see some elementary concepts related to the Earth and Trigonometry.

The espherical z coordinate is associated with the latitude by

z = sin ( latitude ),

then, given the z, we can obtain the latitude :

latitude = arcsin ( z ).

The Calculus of 666 and the Pope

In this way we obtain the particular latitude which we will call “blat”:

blat = arcsin ( 0.666 )

Observe that we used above the special number 666.

We thus obtain :

blat = 41.75908846821055 deg

We can use the longitud of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, 12.650277777777777 E, to locate the geographical point

( 41.75908846821055 N , 12.650277777777777 E ),

which should be north to the Palace. Lets call this point P3.

We can use maps.google.com to locate P3, which gives a map with a scale. Once found the point P3, we can graph it and locate the point P4 which is located 2 * 666 meters south of it. This point is almost at the geometrical center of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo. Verify our assertions by doing all this by yourself.

We thus have shown the Thesis, which is a remarkable association of the number 666 and the Roman Catholic Church, using only geometry, google maps, arithmetic and a Papal Palace. Ah!, and we used too a little bit of good luck… ; )


This is one of that occasions in which it is much easier to calculate then to explain the deep causes of the result.

Be in peace.

Note of 14.02.21, reedited the 14.11.27

This “non scientific and non trivial prediction of the future”, is a strong evidence in the direction that some person view the future. It is not a proof that to view the future is possible because the remarkable coincidence could be propiciated, with a very small probability, though, by a set of scientifically enouch advanced persons working for centuries and being able to influence in the XV century the Roman Catholic Church.

(14.11.27, discarded: This article is the first incontrovertible proof that we have seen of the existence of a globally important, non scientific and non trivial prediction that became true. )

The probability of a “hit”, only by chance, in this prediction, in the way showed above, is very small, because it is very well stablished that the Book of Revelations was written at least 17 centuries ago, and on that time it wasn´t yet invented the decimal numerical system and the meter was first defined using geography and the integer number 10,000 near 1791.03.19 .

We haven´t read an explanation to a “hit of non trivial predictions” by Science, but some articles speculate that the quantum entanglement could explain this and other phenomena.

As it is possible that will exist some scientific explanation, based only in the laws of Physics, then by the moment we don´t need to recurse to nothing extra human to explain hits in predictions or that the “prophecy of the 666” was accomplished. But let us clarify: this article is a clear scientific proof that “paranormal phenomena” exists in humans. But Science, right now, can not offer an concensual explanation to this “hit”.

Added at 14.02.23 :

Do it by Yourself ! … Verify that the 666 points to the Roman Catolic Church !

  • Go to maps.google.com
  • Use a scientific calculator or equivalent to verify: asin ( 0.666 ) = 41.759088 degrees.
  • Enter 41.759088 N , 12.650277 E : The founded location point is signaled by the GREEN ARROW.
  • Click “Satellite”.
  • Use the scale, down left, and “walk” 2 * 666 = 1332 …. METERS ! …. Southward.
  • Bingo… You are now at the summer Pope’s Palace, the “Palazzo Pontificio” ! . You have decoded an important part of the Apocalypse ! Congrats ; )

We believe that that Book of Revelations is predicting the Final Judgment of The Roman Catholicism and of the organized belief systems in general, by The Humanity, and not that that book is predicting the Final Judgment of humanity by a false vapor-God invented by some of the multiple oportunistic “mystics” that the humanity has had since its beginnings.

In particular, we believe that is not going to happen something catastrophic sended by a non human entity. The Gods don´t exist, except in the imagination of the humans. Relax in peace. But let us judge the evil organizations creator of myths.


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