141012 The Direct Democracy could Help Against the Emergent Apocalyptic Crises

Mistakes by the Elite on Ebola in US Could Have Been Avoided by Some Form of Direct Democracy by Internet

After a Vaccine for Ebola the Most Urgent is to Replace the Monarquic Pseudo-Republics by Direct Democracies by Internet

Imagine: How many errors would have been avoided if the nations have been ruled, not by the current elites of whatever the political parties, but by the mosaic of peoples in each nation by some form of direct democracy executed in all the branches of the gobernment by the intelligent utilization of technology and the internet?

Clearly, there are disadventages to this idea. But, Could the present crises have been avoided?

Sure, real democracy would be better if all the nations were mosaics of very intelligent, very educated and very well intended secular and scientific people, but, any way, Is not this the better way? Or Is it too late?

Keeping the current bodies of the gobernment but adding the possibility that, in the matters that most of the nation decide that are utterly important, most of the nation take directly the decisions from the hands of the elites, every so nation would be better prepared for the calamities that are being developing in the world.

We in ddxinet believe that to implement urgently the Direct Democracy by Internet would a very good measure against the current emergent apocalyptic crises.To be able to vote, a citizen probably should meet certain requirements, including: a minimum of scholar level, a minimum of I.Q and not suffering of some psychopathology, of course.

We believe that, by a way that we don’t understand at all, somebody named John perceived several crises of our times around 2000 years ago, and wrote the book known as The Apocalypse. We are convinced, based on articles by secular universitarian academics, that that book was written long before the claimed born of Jesus, and so, that book is not Christian, but rather we believe that numerous paragraphs were inserted into it to make it to conform to the emergent fabricated myth of Christ. So, beware: No single people, nation or group of believers in some branch of some religion are going to be magically saved. People are going to be saved by luck, their genetic endurance and by their use of reason, not by their religious beliefs.

We believe that that writer was John the Baptist. That could explain a) The real cause the forgers of the Myth of Christ claimed that John baptized Jesus, and b) That practically nothing is known about John in our days, except that he was regarded as great for very many people that listened to him in those ancient times in those ancient lands.

Anyway, whoever was capable of seeing in the future in some way, that the number 666 was going to be clearly and mathematicaly asociated with a dark and terrible religion in this times, surely was great and advanced.

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