141013 Completely Isolate Also the Ebola Patient

The so called protocol for the protection of medics and nurses have failed in US, Spain and in Africa. Then, we at ddxinet, think that the protocol has to be improved.

We suggest this general ideas for an improvement in the protocol for the treatment of ebola patients at hospitals in US:

* Carefully sanitize with gases, aerosols, light or radiation the fully covered medical personnel that is exiting the room of the patient in a separate, adyacent and dedicated room, before the persons take their covers off.

* Completeley Isolate the ebola patient in some kind of bubble until the end of his treatment.

The idea of better sanitizing the exterior of the special clothes protecting the medical personel, before they are taken off, can be applied in the 3rd and 1st world.

There are more specific ideas for the isolation of the patient that can be used in hospitals in the 1st world:

* Isolate the patient in a room with some little only inwards gates for medications and using sanitazable robotized equipment to treat at remote control the patient. We have 2 main variants:
* Use a small set of robots exclusively for each room.
* Use a set of ambulant robots and an exiting sanitizing room: It es previsible that it is much economical to sanitize completely an exiting robot than a person.

*Isolate the patient using a specialized little tent sealed over a specialized bed capable of helping to manage the waste in a safe way. The tent could have inward gloves.

In the unfortunate case that a full epidemic exlodes in a country, we think that is a very bad idea that the public intent to move the ebola patients to some hospital. The public should be informed and helped to treat their patients at their homes.

There should be fast production of massive cuantities of specialized clothes that could help families treat their patients in a much more safely way.

If it is possible there should be massive prduction of special small bed with an attachable bubble for the partial isolation of the partient.

The public in general should be educated in particular to know how to dress safely a economical set of clothes and how to help the helper to sanitize in some degree his or her clothes before they are taken off.

The governments or some special associations or public societies in the world should:

* Design campaigns of education to the people about how to treat an ebola patient and how to protect themseleves.

* Design special and affordable tents, bubbles, small sanitizable or disposable beds, and clothes to help attend the ebola patients by non medical people.

Several designs should be ready for the case that they become needed.


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