141229.1 Disclosing the Evil Beast 666 of the Apocalypse by Calculations of Latitude

  • The Latitude of Castel Gandolfo

    We will search for the coordinates in Spanish and Engish.

    Using google in Spanish to search for “castillo papal de castelgandolfo” at 2014-12-29, we obtain the site

    from which we obtain the spherical coordinates

    (geohack) : 41.7333 , 12.65 . The previous wikipedia page links to this site for

    Palacio Papal de CastelGandolfo , but it lacks, on 2014-12-29, any coordinates.

    We obtain a very different value by using google for the English language. From

    from which we obtain the spherical coordinates

    (geohack) :
    41.7471, 12.6503 .

    It is very well known that the Roman Catholic Church has More Power and Interference in web sites in Spanish, so we will use the result in English:

    41.7471 deg

  • Number for the Earth Radius in Kilometers

    If we go to the Wikipedia, we obtain “…Several different ways of modeling the Earth as a sphere each yield a mean radius of 6,371 kilometers (3,959 mi)…”

  • Calculations to Obtain the Evil Beast of the Apocalypse using the JavaScript of the Chrome Browser

    r = 6371 //—————— r = Earth radius in kilometers
    k = 2 * Math.PI * r / 360. //—————— k = kilometers per degree
    rtod = 180 / Math.PI //—————— rtod = factor to convert radians to degrees
    bb = Math.asin ( 0.666 ) * rtod //—————— bb = basic latitude of the 666, in degrees.
    cc = bb – 2 * 0.666 / k //—————— cc = latititude, in degrees, of the point that is 2 * 666 meters to the south of bb
    //———– RESULTS —->
    k = 111.19492664455873
    arcsin(0.666) = bb = 41.75908846821055
    cc = 41.74710950441971

  • Notes:

    • Notice the great coincidence of “cc” to the Castel Gandolfo latitude as is given for the English speaking people.
    • Each 0.00001 = 1e-5 degrees corresponds to 1.112 meters, and the Castel Gandolfo typical length is about 111 meters, so we can admit a hit when the angle is +- 0.0005 .
    • The latitude number given to the Spanish world is too far from the true value.
    • The Roman Catholic Church ordered google maps to supress the leyend “Palazzo Pontificio” unless the magnification is very large, presumibly to deceive the public that is trying to verify our findings.
  • Important:

    If you use google maps to verify our assertions , copy and paste 41.7471, 12.6503 in the upper left input rectangle and

    please amplify large enough the map until the leyend “Palazzo Pontificio” appears.

  • Conclusion

    The latitude south 2 times 666 meters to which have as is sine 0.666

    coincides amazingly well with the true latitude given for “The Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo”, which is the number given for the English speaking people.


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