150601 The 666 Verse of The Apocalypse and Extraterrestrials on Earth

2015/06/01 . Mexico City, Mexico.

This article documents modification of some previous hypothesis that we have proposed in the previous years:

  • We no longer believe that the fulfillment of the verse of the 666 is possible with simple premonition.
  • We no longer believe that the better explanation to some coincidences of geophysical events and important human ones, are the existence of collective paranormal forces of humanity.


There are some American scholars that speculate that The Book of Revelations of “The Christian Bible”, The Apocalypse, was written by some Jewish sect before the invention, by some powerful Roman groups, of what we could name “The Non-Jewish Christianity”.

We, the ddxinet group, adhere to that hypothesis, of course.

The “accomplishment” of the paragraph related to the “Evil Beast” (The Roman Catholic Church) and the 666, we now think, required not only some premonition, but advanced knowledge respect to the epoch about the dimensions, geometry and rotation of the Earth. Not only that, but something had to influence some functionaries of The Roman Empire to acquire the land that with the passage of time would pass to the Roman Catholic Church and something had to influence that Church to construct, almost exactly centered in the accusatory point, the Castle of Gandolfo for the Popes.

Therefore, we see a great power, besides premonition, in order to fulfill the accusatory verse of the 666 against the Roman Catholic Church. For people like us, who years ago were strictly materialistic at the style of the Science of the XX century, this is extremely surprising (now we are materialistic but include some paranormal phenomena in the possible materialistic “gears” of the Universe.)

We have to conclude that some hidden society intervened, several times in two millenia, to fulfill this verse.

The only hypothesis for the ultimate society that intervened, that we have found, is the existence on earth of some extraterrestrial group that has the purpose to help humanity in some way and to some extent, and that can act by influencing people remotely.

We googled internet and read a lot of material, and we could not find clear and acceptable additional evidence for the existence of groups of extraterrestrials acting on our human society. What we found is too much absurd sites that claim that reveal information about extraterrestrials on Earth. Then, we concluded that some of the groups that rule human society triggered and are in control of a conspiracy to misinform humanity about extraterrestrials.

We think that if there are one group of extraterrestrials entities on Earth, then it could be several groups. At least one group is trying to help humanity. But it is relevant that there are no extraterrestrial group that has reveled itself in a clear and direct way to all of humanity. By example, The Chelyabinsk Bolide Event is undeniable by any reasonable person, and so, there exist ways in which extraterrestrial could undeniably show its existence to humanity if they wanted to do so. Nobody could deny or hide something videotaped by dozens in several different locations and that was witnessed by hundreds of people.

We think that humanity is at the brink of a nuclear war and that in some unknown way to us, the ddxinet group, the information that we have found regarding the 666 will be relevant to some people.

We now think that some extraterrestrial power acting on some objects of our solar system, earthquakes, people, etc, could be a better explanation for some geophysical events that have almost coincided with important human ones, than the action of some collective human psychokinesis or paranormal powers.


  • The existence of collective paranormal forces of humanity can still be a good explanation to some events that sometimes occur when several persons gather for religious reasons.

  • The existence of individual paranormal forces is controversial, but some in our group have experienced such forces with clarity, dozens of times, for decades. One thing is to be able to experience some paranormal force, and other independent thing is to be able to control it, which would be needed to aspire to claim some famous public prizes of certain challenges of some skeptical societies. Probably the only paranormal action that we have been able to eventually control is the ability to make some person feel that we are staring at him or her from a considerable distance and out of his sight. We don’t think that any skeptical society is going to pay a cent for this “so trivial” capacity.

  • The Apocalypse was strongly edited during the process of invention and tuning of the Myth of Christianity, therefore we can hardly know what material is close to the original. Probaly we will know only until a part come to be fulfilled.

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