150715 The Roman Catholic Church is Behind the Iran Nuclear Deal to Obliterate Israel


We have a few but important evidences:

  • In the Americas where Spanish language is talken the RCC dominates the Press to a great degree and in that region practically 100% of the press titulars louded the Iran Nuclear Deal as “an important step towards the World peace”, with no criticism.
  • Bill O’Reilly didn’t critizice the deal but defended it in its show of the day 2015.07.14, argumenting mainly, accodring to what we understood, that the US had no better option.
  • The RCC was secretly behind the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Pope of the epoch didn’t condemn the Nazi war.
  • Almost any jew knows and can clearly argument that the core of the Christian belief system is against the core of their belief sytem. See “Why Don’t Jews Believe In Jesus?” (http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/jewsandjesus/ .)
  • In the visit of the Pope to Jerusalem the Pope Francis first “cried” at some wall that separates Palestinians in Bethlem, first visited Palestinians, had a closed door mass in a controversial religious site and the recent war between Palestinians and Israel fired shortly after this travel of the Pope.
  • The Pope Francis has been too friendly with some muslim religious leaders.
  • This Iran Nuclear Deal was annonunced just when this Pope finished his travel to South America.
  • The previous Pope made a very publicited call to the Internatonal Space Station during this White House administration.
  • The president Obama has done some too friendly commentaries about some Pope’s “socialist” declarations.
  • This Pope is populist and so is Obama.
  • The ideology of the church that Obama attended for decades has strong similarity with “The Theology of Liberation”.
  • This Pope Francis has recognized Palestine as an state of the World.
  • The current majority in the UN is against Israel and in favor of The Palestinians and the RCC has tremendous influence in most of the countries of the 3rd world.

We know that “The Apocalypse” is too much overwritten as to serve as a guide, but the matter related to the number 666 is too amazing and deep as to not take that book with importance. Maybe some parts of the book that contain valid prophecies will be understood after the events happens. And with this attitude, we can speculate that

  •  The “Lamb of God” simbolizes the Jewish people. In some part the Apocalypse says that The Lamb suffered an sacrifice, and the Jewish people, as well as communists, Roma people, masons, polacs, and other were massively murdered by the Nazis.
  •  In other part of the Apocalypse we can infere that “the nations made war against the Lamb”, and in this time the UN is polically against Israel, as in a kind of non armed “war”.

Please remember that we, at the ddxinet group, believe that the original Apocalypse was written by some non Chrsitian Jewish sect or prophet, and that that book was modified to suit the nascent Myth of Christianity.

Remeber too that we think that the most probable is that some extraterrestrial group was important for the subject of the 666. This is the support to our new hypothesis that some group of extraterrestrial chosen the Jewish people to sirve as instrumental to help all of humanity by means of knowledge and rational argumentation. A substantial fraction of the most prominent philosofers and scientist of the world have been jewish or half jewish. And the most formidable arm against the superstition is Science, Reason and Knowledge, and therefore, these are the most formidable enemies of the Roman Catholic Church, and probably, of the extraterrestrials that are behind it.

Well, now that we have mentioned some things, let us explicitly inform of our most recent speculation: Probably there are at least two groups of extraterrestrials infiltrated between us, and influencing the world. Probably they are enemies but originated from the same place to which they can not return probaly because their planet suffered a war that anhilated its biosphere. Of course we don’t know, but this hypothesis could explain not only the matter of the 666, but too the explosion of doubtful information about ufos and extraterrestrials, and why, in spite of multiple sightings, there no happens an extraterrestrial massive operation of help, or control, of the humans on Earth.

It is relevant to declare that we at ddxinet don’t have members of the Jewish religion, nor we believe that their Bible is a kind of message of a God and we don´t believe in spirits, in Gods of any kind or in life after death.




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