130404.1 Some Other Sign of God against the RCC: A Flood in Buenos Aires

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( 1:57 PM)

I think I too can talk “religion”:

Would Jesus sodomize young children?

Would Jesus protect sodomizers?

Would Jesus castrate the children that acussed Him of sodomization?

Am I accomplice of the Roman Catholic Church if I continue to belong to it?


An interesting search for google:

“the gods only exist in the mind of humanity”



( 2:03 PM)

Day after day we see acts like this.

The RCC sodomize young children, they castrate those who complain, they steal, they deceive widows into inheriting to them.

Is it this behaviour more of Satan than of God?

You are accomplice of the Roman Catholic Church if you belong to its flock.
No religion or Church should be above the law
More if you google: “the gods only exist in the mind of humanity”



( 2:08 PM)
Do you believe in God, ENOUGH as to be capable of read SIGNS?

Then read this:

Just 21 days after the election of Pope Francis a storm flooded Buenos Aires and its vecinity, the strongest in more than 100 years.

Is this a SIGN that God is Happy or MAD against Roman Catholic Church?
If you want to read more, you can google:
“the gods only exist in the mind of humanity”


( 2:34 PM)
I believe that God doesn’t exist in the real world, or in any of the real worlds, if there are several, Physics is compex, you know, there are dark matter and dark energy, and they are quite strange. Well, God doesn´t exist as you and me, or as dark matter or dark energy. And the “spirit substance” doesn´t exist, either. It was an idealization to explain “the movement of the living creatures”. Science showed that it was a false concept.

But God exist in the imagination of real people or real beings. And, if they have telekinetic powers then THE VIRTUAL GOD CAN ACT UPON REALITY and cause the flood of Buenos Aires (the past 2013.04.03), where the Pope was Archbishop. And the “Virtual Gods”, humanity really, can cause the Chelyabinsk bolide.

Well , it seems that some “Virtual Gods” are stepping up their “apocalypse against the RCC”, judging from the ocurrence of several deaths from the floods near Buenos Aires.

For more, you can google:
“the gods only exist in the mind of humanity”





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