130505.1 The Pope Continues to Act Hypocritically

I communicate to the readers of this blog:

I am working on the theme “Proof that God doesn´t exist”… I want a simple, short argument.

But perhaps I am rather going to prove that the most reasonable position about the existence of God is that He doesn´t exist.


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Pope Francis On Sexual Abuse By Priests: Catholic Church Must ‘Act Decisively’ (VIDEO)
Reuters | By Philip Pullella
Posted: 05/05/2013 10:31 am EDT | Updated: 05/05/2013 2:33 pm EDT


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The Pope Francis, claiming this, is as if you shout to your own arm to start acting, and blame it for doing something abhorrent.

He is the Emperor of the Roman Catholic Church, don´t be decieved !

This is a clear example of intent of deception: All word and not any action at all, because the actions could send bishops to the jail, and the words could only send deceived ones back to the church.

Mythologically speaking the master of deception is Satan.

And mythologically speaking those decieved by Satan will go to Hell.

But be happy !… Hell and heaven are mythological, that is, they don´t exist. Fortunately, I guess, all these are myths: God, hell, heaven, spirits, souls, sins… though they are very profitable myths, that is WHY they were invented.

— google: ´ Gods only “in the Mind of Humanity” ´ —



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