130715.2 We Need to Consciously Detest the Organized Deceivers and Tyrants

We believe, although that is not scientifically proven, that there exist powers as telekinesis and telepathy, in humanity, and probably, in some other mammals. In an article we have listed some of the evidence supporting this hypothesis. But let us go slowly.

Ever wonder why so many deceptive religions of mankind and many groups of tyrants seem to be so successful for so long? We believe it is because they use, between their tricks and actions, telekinetic power, while ordinary people, the victims, do not believe that there is this power, don´t believe in the existence of organized deceivers and tyrants, and also for millennia they have been deceived into believing myths and things that distract them from thinking about their status.

Then, if ordinary people who have been victims of impostors for millennia, react and now try to use his telekinetic power by simply consciously detest, several times a week, deceiver organizations (which include religions), then probably they could contribute to improve our global human condition.

In other words: The evil seems to triumph over good in the history of humanity simply because bad people are aware that they are fooling the most, while the most have not known that are being deceived, and therefore they are not apperceived of their state. When ordinary people “wake up”, we believe that the exercise of telekinetic forces would help humanity. We think that we, ordinary people, are very much more numerous than the elites.

Of course, humanity can only get rid of their “shackles” through scientific knowledge, intelligent reflection, through concrete political and ideological actions , and through active propagation of reasonable ideas.

The current state of humanity and the Earth is deplorable. We need to try everything we can. We need to teach and we need to develop plans to oppose deception. We need to stop trusting the elites, because chances are that they already have plans, and we, the ordinaries, are not included in them. We need to reject organized impostors and tyrants.


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