130814.1 Maybe the Myth of Jesus Started Just Like the MYTH of the Angel Priest was About to Start


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“Father Patrick Dowling Is Mystery Angel Priest From Missouri Car Crash”


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( 4:41 PM)
This affair illustrates that IT IS VERY EASY THAT A MYTH BEGINS by simple accident.

This should be taken very seriously by people with tendency to have very much FAITH in complex statements.

To feel is not equivalent to to know.

No feelings are path to knowledge.

If we want knowledge, we need a good method. The only good method is:

* Observe the Nature, and check if the explanations that we have are good enough.
* Think and propose explanations and models.
* Let others rationally criticize your proposals.
* Repeat at infinitum.

Maybe it is sad, but we must be intelligent to find new truths, or even to understand old ones.

Maybe it is sad, but the only statements open to everybody are those plagued with falsehood and priests.

( 4:28 PM)
As the MYTH of an angel was about to happen, similarly happened 2000 years ago the MYTH of Jesus resurrected.

And it is very easy that one myth attracts other ones.

After a while we got Christianity.

And we got gold inflated bishops for 1700 years, and other important abuses.
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1 second ago ( 4:23 PM)
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As this affair demonstrated, it is very easy thay a MYTH pops out.

We guess that was very easy to commit another mistake 2000 years ago.

We guess that some people with faith were mistakenly driven to conclude that Jesus resurrected.

We know now that his bones rest in peace in some secret place under the responsability of the Israel Government.

( 4:11 PM)
The only path to the truth, even the truth related to spiritual matters, is Science.

The spirit or soul is only a result of matter interacting with matter.

Note: The physical fields are “matter” in the sense that they carry energy and momentum, and distorts the space-time like particle-matter.

The “path of Science” (the scientific method) was not easy to find for humanity… wasn´t even found by the great greek philosopher Aristotles. Probably was found just five centuries ago. It is wise to give it time to help us with our spiritual matters.

Science of a given time doesn`t have all the answers, but always have the only sensible answers humanity may have at that time.

Humanity only has Humanity to rely on. Well, maybe we could receive help from some “ufo galaxy adventurers” from time to time… ; )
Reach us by googling:

brief clear proof

( 3:55 PM)
Having faith in matters of religion only leads people to end up lost in the FALSE.

If some guys with good intention took Jesus down from the Cross without doing so in public, for burial, then could have arisen a MYTH of resurrection.


We are the site that begins with ddxinet, and u could find us by googling:

god only “in the mind of humanity”
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1 second ago ( 3:48 PM)
Think. Analyse.

Could the legend of Jesus Christ have been born by some wrong belief like what was about to happen in the case of this affair ?

( 3:45 PM)
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This affair was an inch to become a MYTH for millions of people, and in my opinion, something SIMILAR was the Jesus affair 2000 years ago…

We speculate that some people took the body of Jesus out of the cross before the usual time, and other people got confused and assumed that Jesus resucitated.

Within days a cult was born, on naive people with FAITH, like you people that believed that the priest was an angel of the good supreme god.

Within years a primitive branch of religion was formed, and later, Paulus, and other clever Romans, saw the opportunity to make a FRAUD.

And they were succesful. And we have Christianity.

And everything started with some wrong conclusion made by people inflated with too much FAITH.

Faith is only good for children and people guided by a good guy, but is quite bad to reach complex truths.

( 3:31 PM)
It is very ignoble to not admit some mistake.

The X-guy was not an (good) angel, was some priest that took too long to show up.

You, religious people that believed that the mysterious priest was really an (good) angel should admit your error.

And all the readers should admit that this affair demonstrates that the best way to conclude some FALSE statement is to trust by FAITH.

The only way to reach TRUTH is Science.

The understanding of a little bit of Science by the common persons is what is causing a lot of trouble to the persistance of the belief in Stone Age concepts, like those that are the basis for all main current religions.

( 3:21 PM)
Here the important is that those who believed that the priest was an angel were WRONG…. and they don´t admit it !


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