131216.1 The Church Was Born Lying and it Will Continue Lying Till The End

by ddxinet, México, D.F.

The Church was born lying and so will die, because concealing is also lying, and the Church has been concealing to Mexico for 500 years that the supposedly mexican Virgin Guadalupe was not theirs after all, but was originally fabricated in Caceres, Spain, centuries before. As easily as it was for the Catholic Church to lie to Mexico for half a millenia, it was so for it to fabricate the Jesus character and sustain the Christianity Myth for four times as much.

The Church was born lying and lying will die, because for it was not sufficient to say that “God”   fathered a son out of marriage, but invented hundreds of virgins, two of them with the same “Guadalupe” name, and just the past December 12 lied again reporting 7 millions of pilgrims to the Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City, when the real number was much lesser.

A fact is that the amount of pilgrims to the Guadalupe Basilica suffered a dramatic fall from 2012 to 2013. Even though the visitors in 2012 were in the thousands, we witnessed that almost all the visitors where among the poorest people and that they were payed by the Church to attend the celebrations on the mexican Guadalupe day.

Evidences of the fall in the number of Guadalupe pilgrims on 2013

  •  1- Some catholic priests performed the Guadalupe mases in the very small sidewalks of the city, in an effort to attract pedestrians, since almost nobody appeared at the churches. Pathetic images, indeed. And the few ones who attended were only elderly people.
  •  2- At the “18 de marzo” Metro station, in the closest exit to the “Basilica” on noon, the crowd was not such, but just a few people. Not even was a line to the entrance of the Metro station.
  • 3- The TV channels, those that are usually Catholic flatterers, didn’t transmit live aereal views.
  • 4- The Newspapers in Mexico City, posted only a few aereal aereal photos of the Basilica on December 12th, and these only showed hundreds of pilgrims.
  • 5- During the entire Mexican Guadalupe Day, in several Metro stations that we covered, there were no sights of people with statues or images of this 2nd Guadalupe.
  • 6- In the evening news all around the TV dial, no one channel stopped to cover the pilgrims at the Basilica, but only few channels just barely mentioned the event.


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