131216.2 … I Failed to Publish This at the Huff Today

by ddxinet, México DF


We challange the leading defenders of the Roman Catholic Church to JUSTIFY that this church has concealed from the people of Mexico, FOR HALF A MILLENIA, the existence of the Virgin of Guadalupe of Extremadura, Spain, who preceded the mexican one.


Let me be clear: the RCC has controlled all the books, periodistic notes, and broadcasted discussions in Mexico, for half a millenia, in such a way that practically no mexican knew that the Virgin of Guadalupe is really an spaniard one.

It was only util our group made this fact public in 2009 that the mexicans started to be aware of this. The current wikipedia article on the mexican V of G acknowledges the pre-existence of the spaniard virgin. We think that the RCC changed the article because of us. But still, this article, as it is written today, is designed to deceive the public in regards to the name “Guadalupe”, trying to make appear that it has indigenous origin!


A Church that was capable of deceiving a whole continent for half a millenia, by concealing some fact (+), is capable too of deceiving all of humanity for two millenia.

The Church has managed to deceive people into believing that

  • Jesus was born from a virgin
  • A god impregnated the mother of Jesus
  • Jesus did miracles
  • Jesus resurrected

(+): The concealed fact was the existence of the Spaniard Virgin of Guadalupe : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe,_Extremadura


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