140205.1 Why Is the Catholic Church Stubbornly Using its Formidable Power to Continue its Abuse of Children?

Today, an UN commision have condemned the behaviour of the immensly powerful Roman Catholic Church in regards to the protection of bishops and priests that are abusing children.

Of course, no government, or the top chiefs of the UN, are going to do something against the most rich corporation that the Earth has ever seen.

But it is a real puzzle to any rational person to understand why this evil Church persist in its behaviour, even that it is causing its flock to be more open to criticisms against the same Church.

A normal commercial corporation would act differently.

So, the question is, Why is it risking so much?

Difficult puzzles allow extraordinary answers.

One of the best candidates for an answer, is that the Roman Catholic Church is believing that it made an agreement with some powerful and evil God, to deceive humanity, and that the agreement includes some clause that stablishes that the Church should have to do, from now and then, some evil acts.

Even without the existence of the Gods, priests or believers would be easy to deceive, if they have a collective hallucination during some act of invocation. And we think that a collective hallucination is possible to be caused by the telepathic influence of people with an altered state of their mind.

Is there a better explanation of why such a powerful and lucrative organization is risking so much by persisting with such so horrible practice?


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